The Friendly Swede Carabiner Grenade Survival Kit

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Carabiner “grenade” survival kit pull with aluminum foil survival tool includes:

– alcohol pad
– tinder
– fire starter
– fishing lines
– fishing hooks
– weights
– swivels
– dobber
– knife blade wrapped in 500 lb paracord

Surivival kit features:
– Open in case of emergency for a handful of essential tools that are hardest to improvise in the wild
– 7 feet paracord to lash, tie, pull apart, improvise
– Fire starter & Tinder to ignite fast and burn hot
– Knife blade for any cutting job
– 2 fishing lines, 2 weights, 2 swivels, 2 floats, 2 fishing hooks: where there’s water, there’s food
– Aluminum foil for signaling, cooking, reflecting heat
– Alcohol pad for disinfection use. Infected cuts are bad news bears!

SURVIVAL TIP: It is not recommended to unravel / unbraid the grenade without expertise in re-braiding. Paracord is strong but NOT intended for mountaineering/climbing

Warning: Fishing weigts are made of lead, wash hands before and after use. If swallowed seek immediate medical help, may cause lead poisoning.


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