How To Survive Drowning

Using the Clothes to Avoid Drowning

If you fall into the water and your shirt is in your pants, you can use your shirt to make an air bubble to float on. You can also make an air floating device using your jeans or other long pants you might have with you.

How Drown-Proofing can help you stay alive and afloat. A person can float in an upright position, with their face over sea level and only lifting the mouth and nose above the water when it is necessary to breathe. This method allows you to stay afloat using little energy.

The following below are ways you need to follow so you can get drown-proofing right.

Using just Your Arms

Get a lot of air before you float backwards with your back of the head just floating over sea level. The water will then support your full body. Allow your arms to float slowly toward the surface with your elbows bent until your hands are in front of your shoulders. With steady movements, use your hands to push down and back with your hands until your mouth clears the water. Do this every 15 seconds.

Using just Arms and Legs

Scissor kick your legs and push downward with your hands at the same time. Using this motion will allow you to use little energy to stay balanced. Trick is to keep your head out of the water to breath. Try and be as calm as possible.

When your head first gets out of the water, you should slightly put your head forward so the water is away from your face. Open your mouth and inhale so you get as much air as possible.

In drown-proofing it is very important to consciously change the way you breathe. Keep your lungs full of air as much of the time as possible.
When you take a breath exhale and inhale as quickly as possible through your mouth.
Knowing what to do around water is the key to your survival. Always be attentive and don’t panic in dangerous situations.

Planning is the key to your survival. Without a water survival plan and regular practice, the end result could be the death of you or your friends or family.

For tools to help you during your survival situation click here.