Bugging In vs Bugging Out

Bugging out is a real possibility that you may have to someday face, Bugging ou into the wilderness is not an easy task, and is very dangerous. Not recommended. For even the most diehard outdoorsman, living in the wilderness full-time is something that most of us would never advise doing. In my opinion, you’re setting yourself up for disaster, and it’s not a realistic survival plan that anyone should have in mind.

Bugging In

You must always be prepared for a bug out situation. You have to have:

1. A Good escape plan and knowing about it by heart is the best option.

2. An already picked location to bug out. Make sure you have something in mind on where to go when its time to bug out.

While sheltering in place is often the safest bet, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Bugging Out

1. You must always be prepared to leave. No matter how bad you want to stay, there will be times and situations that make it impossible to stay.
2. Home security needs to be a top priority. Be Able to defend your home.
3. Try and be secluded so that you don’t get attacked by any panicked neighbors and others that might want your own shelter for themselves. People could get greedy in times of need.

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