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Adjustable focus range - different usage requires different focus.

Waterproof Design - Don't worry about rain or it getting wet.

Skid Proof and Solid as a Rock - Beat it. Thrash it. You won't trash it.

Use Anywhere - Great for fishing, hunting, camping, and more.


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TOP RATED Survival Accessories

  • Our 22-Piece Female Hygiene Kit includes everything a female needs to maintain sanitary conditions in an emergency.

    Kit Contents:
    1 Rinse Free Shampoo 2.0oz. *
    1 Hand & Body Lotion 4.0oz. *
    1 Clear Deodorant Stick .5oz. *
    2 Individually Packaged Disposable Tampons
    2 Female Sanitary Napkins
    1 Antibacterial Soap #1 *
    1 Toothbrush
    1 Gel Toothpaste .60oz. *
    1 Pocket Tissue Pack
    1 7″ Black Hair Comb
    1 Washcloth 9″ x 13″
    9 Sanitary Cleansing Towelettes 5″ x 7″ *
    1 Packaged in a Clear 8″ x 10″ 4mil Bag

    * Items expire 2 years from the date of manufacture.

  • Our Multi-Person School Lockdown Kits are perfect for every school that needs an all-in-one preparedness solution. They include the essentials a classroom needs in a disaster situation: food, water, lighting, shelter and sanitary supplies. They come in 3 different designs: Economy 24-Hour, Premium 24-Hour and Premium 72-Hour versions. Packaged in multiple 5-gallon air tight containers.

    Kit Contents:
    38 Aqua Blox Emergency Drinking Water 6.75 oz., 5-Year Shelf Life**
    10 2400-Calorie Food Bars – 24 Hours @ 800 cal., 5-Year Shelf Life**
    15 Emergency Mylar Blankets – Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
    8 Cyalume Light Sticks – 12 hours of light in an instant**
    12 Toilet Bags – Heavy duty bags w/ ties
    12 Bio Blue Toilet Deodorizer – Quickly neutralizes odors while leaving a pleasant smell
    2 Wrapped Toilet Paper Roll – For maintaining sanitary conditions
    200 Sanitary Cleansing Wipes – For maintaining sanitary conditions*
    2 Toilet Seat – Snaps on in an instant to create a portable toilet

    Packaged in 5-Gallon Air Tight Containers

    * Items expire 2 years from the date of manufacture.
    ** Items expire 5 years from the date of manufacture.

    • UPC Code: 0
    • MAP Price: N/A
    • Is Hazardous Material?: No
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 3035
    • Country of Origin: Unknown
    • Weight: 2.50

    Flashback Threeled Flare Kit

    Flashback Threeled Flare Kit Red (2 Pack)


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