Stop Someone From Bleeding To Death

If you find yourself in a situation where you have no doctors around or nurses, and the only person around is yourself. Then these following strategies will help you stop someone from bleeding to death following 3 procedures correctly.

One…Raise the injured body part above the heart so you can stop gravity from helping the blood flow quickly and it will make it easier for the blood to stop .

Two…Make sure you put pressure on the wound so that it stops it from clotting the wound.

Three…Pressure the wounded area so you can stop the blood from overflowing. The points where you press are between the wound and the heart. Usually between the shoulder and elbow, behind the knee area, and groin area alone the bikini line.

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4 Ways to Organize and Prep

1. The first step is to get rid of stuff you do not use or need. It is more difficult than it sounds. You will have to find ways to either sell, give away, or just trade items and stuff you aren’t in need of.

2. Your next step is to invest in storage for the things you will be needing for your prepping needs. Get the same type of storage and keep each category of the same kind, in one storage place. Place them somewhere in an area where it will be safe, and you have easy reach to them.

3. Each storage box should have its own categories. In one box you will have your light sources, in another your fire starter sources, in another your food supply, in another your water. Etc.

4. You should label your boxes so you don’t lose your planning. Make sure the labelling sticks for good. Label your boxes. About six months ago I stopped using labels and began using painters tape instead. This has become a real game-changer in that the labels do not fall off. Not only that, they are easily removed and replaced as the contents of the boxes change.

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7 Tools Designed for Urban Survival

When it comes to Survival Reading, Television Shows or even survival blogs or websites, all you really find is information on wilderness survival situations. These are important of course, however these are not the only things people should know about. Urban and Wilderness Survival are two different things. You shouldn’t focus on this.

Survival Gear is also another subject where people get caught up with . It’s best to know what your threats are and when they will happen, instead of just gearing up.

In all reality when disaster hits, you will probably be somewhere either at home, at work, or somewhere near your normal everyday environment. These are the places you need to be ready to survive in.

Here are 7 Pieces of Gear, Specifically suited for the Urban Survivalist.

1. Rescue and Rapid Entry Knife.
2. Water Valve Spigot Key

A water spigot key is designed to gain access to both commercial and residential water faucets. This is especially helpful in getting water from commercial buildings, which usually remove external water handles or have recessed outlets to keep the homeless from using their water.

3. Tactical Flashlight
4. Solar Panel and Chager

Recharging your AA & AAA batteries, to powering up cellphones, GPS devices and emergency radios, the Goal Zero is one of the best portable emergency solar chargers on the market.

5. Multi-tool

What would an Urban Survival Kit be without a good Multi-tool?

6. Ham Radio

When the grid does down, and communication systems stop working, there is one mode of communication that will still be alive and well: Ham Radio.

7. The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide by Robert Richardson

The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World

This is not another Wilderness Survival Book! I wrote The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide specifically to help people prepare for real-world disasters and threats.

From surviving natural disasters, man-made disasters and disease outbreaks, to essential tactics and step-by-step instructions for surviving urban disasters, crime, social unrest, and criminal/terrorist attacks, the book will help you learn the self-reliance strategies you need to survive in just about any urban survival situation.

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Bugging In vs Bugging Out