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How to use Socks in a Survival situation

You can find socks everywhere. And people will overlook them in their rush to find items that were made explicitly for the needed function. Finding socks in a survival situation will not be that hard.

The pro’s about socks is that they are small and lightweight. This makes it possible to carry quite a few of them without weighing down a pack or tote. On the bad side, they are they are usually small and lightweight. Therefore, you need a lot of them if you have a bigger project planned. And you’ll need to find heavy duty socks if you want extra thickness or bulk.

You can get a lot of creative uses for socks. They are great for straining liquids. Just pour the liquid in through the top and larger items will be filtered out while the liquid runs through. If smaller granules need to be filtered, like sand for instance, then you’d need a sock with a much smaller weave. The thicker the sock, the heavier the yarn will be, and hence the looser the weave. So, for straining smaller items, you should look for dress socks that have a smaller weave.

Socks with larger weaves work well for holding long items. For example, if a person has whittled some spears or arrows and wants to carry them, they can be slid inside a sock and poked through the bottom to hold them in place. We assume here that the person isn’t actually wearing the sock, but just carrying it. In other words, if you’re in a pinch, the sock can take the place of a quiver.

Feet aren’t the only place that can benefit from using socks. Socks are also great hand warmers. You can use them as oven mitts when needing to move very hot or cold items. You can fill socks with rice and heat them up to make a bed warmer. Or fill them with rice or sand and use them as a weapon.

You can cut the top portion off of a sweat-type sock and stretch it out to use as a headband or wristbands. Or you can use it in place of a large rubber band. Socks actually make great holders for a lot of different types of items.

Use the thread from the sock. If necessary, a sock can be pulled apart and the thread or yarn taken to be used for other things. If needing something pretty heavy-duty, a lot of socks would have to be undone and the various threads would have to be combined to add strength.

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