Disaster Preparedness Strategy

How to Survive In the Cold

Survival knowledge skills important to ensure the means to survive through a wide range of disastrous and possibly fatal situations successfully. Knowing how to survive in the cold is crucial depending if you are equipped with the best survival tools which will guarantee 100% safety regardless of how serious or deadly the situation is.

The emergency survival tips below will help you overcome problems related to natural disasters, war, harsh weather conditions and so on.

It is possible to have an emergency during hiking, winter picnicking or other leisure activities in cold environments. You need to be prepared with basic survivor skills to fight off the situation bravely. Here are some basic survivor tips to help you emerge a winner each time you face an emergency during a cold weather excursion.

When you go out enjoying a short vacation or picnic with your family, you need to stay prepared and equipped with the promise to protect you and your family. Here are some tips to follow:


It would be smart to keep extra clothing with you at all times. T-shirts, warm socks and sweatshirts in your backpack. This will help you keep warm in case of an emergency. In these you should include thermals too. These are crucial to save you from the harsh effects of cold weather.

Prepare an emergency kit

When going out in cold weather, you need to prepare an emergency kit. Make sure you educate your companions how to use these. The emergency kit must contain the following items:

Flashlights and batteries



Loads of matches wrapped in plastic bag

Emergency Radio

Food, Granola bars

Canned nuts, meats, fruits

Dry cereals

Chocolate bars


Driving Tips

Strictly avoid driving in extreme cold weather. Monitor where you are. Let your family member, friend and neighbors know where you are going.

Car Cover

The car cover on a side must be a very bright color. If it is possible, cover it with neon color. You can also draw an ‘x’ using a waterproof vinyl tape.

Sand Bags

You should keep about two sand bags on each trunk side. Place these near the wells of car wheel. This facilitates additional traction while you drive. You can also use the sand around the tires in case you are stuck.

Mini First Aid kit

You need to carry a well-equipped and arranged mini first aid and tool kit that consists of a jack that functions as a spare tire in working condition. In addition, you must stock jumper cables in the kit.

Do Not Exit

In the case you are deserted in your car, don’t get out. You should check for a signal on your mobile phone. If you have a phone signal, call 911.

You can easily become stranded in cold weather. So it is important to equip yourself with adequate survival skills and knowledge about how to survive in a cold environment. This will help you fight off an emergency situation.