8 Ways of Surviving in the desert

5 ways of starting a fire

One of the most important lessons in basic survival is learning how to start a fire. Fire will be esential to your survival and it is litterally a matter of life and death to learn how to light up a fire without a lighter. It is important to make fire with tinder. You will start fire using tinder and a spark. Tinder is dried grass, leaves, milkweed pods and tinder fungus.

Here are some of the most popular ways to make fire without a lighter or matches.

1. Fire Steel and Magnesium

2. Friction Fire

3. Sunlight Magnification

4. Flint and Steel

5. Battery and Steel Wool

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Create Your Own Car Emergency Kit

If you are driving a lot, and doing a lot of traveling, then an emergency kit in your car is a must. It could really save you in case of a disaster, or if trapped in your car. Below are 7 things you n list of things you will need to have with you and always in your car as part of your car emergency kit.

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Emergency Blanket
  4. Emergency Lights
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Emergency Tools
  7. Jumper Cables

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Best Food Storages for Survival

7 ways survival blankets can save your life

Imagine you are stuck somewhere where its around 40 degrees and its pouring with rain. You were informed that it was going to be a clear day, and you didn’t pack up the right clothes or tools for an anexpected downpour of rain. Well good thing you brought your survival blankets which will save your life by keeping you warm and for many other useful survival uses. So make sure you keep a survival blanket in your car at all times, cause the reasons in the article will save your life in a situation of distress.

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4 home necessities to prepare incase of disaster

You never know when disaster is about to strike. No matter where you are or who you are, you will be greatful you have read this article, Because it will prepare you for any potential emergencies or natural disasters that might occur suddenly and without warning. It is crucial to be ready especially if you are at home. It could be overwhelming and there might be a few things you have to do which mightBeginning the process of preparing your home can be overwhelming.

But do not worry, this is for your own good, and your family. In this article you will learn that the process is easy and if you follow the list in the article you will learn how to use the 4 home necessities to prepare incase of disaster.