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7 best iphone survival apps

7 best iphone survival appsIf you are ever out on an adventure, like from camping and backpacking to rock climbing and hunting, or maybe you get stranded somewhere, Whatever your pleasure, you should always be prepared for your survival needs. We created a list of 7 best iphone survival apps you should have on your phone.

MotionX GPS

One important thing when you are out and about is to never get lost. MotionX GPS costs only $0.99 on the App Store, and it gives you real accurate GPS information on your iPhone. Be able to pick from 14 different sources, like road, terrain, satellite, and marine maps. You can also download as many maps as you need, which will come in handy when you are in a place with no connection.

Recreation.gov (Camping)

If you are looking for a campsite in the US, there is an app on the App store where it contains all the campsites at National Parks, Forests and other Federal Recreation Facilities. You can check how much availability pick the right spots and find all sorts of information about each campsite. Perfect when trying to locate a safe place to stay at night.

Knot Guide

Out lost somewhere you might have to create some sort of knot. If you were never a scout , then this will come in handy so you can learn which knot is best to use for a particular purpose and how to tie it. Knot Guide has more than 100 knots, and more are added regularly.

Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner

If you are planning or you get stuck outdoors, you will need a way to cook a perfect meal with whatever you have at hand. Coleman’s Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner is available for free from the App Store and it contains a wide variety of recipes from Coleman and others. You can quickly and easily build your meal plan and shopping list all from within this essential app.

Packing Pro

Before heading out to any adventure or trip, it would be best to be able to have an app where you can check what has been packed and what needs to be packed. You really don’t want to get to yur destination only to find out you forgot essential items you forgot to pack. Packing Pro is available for $2.99 on the App Store. Packing Pro not only allows you to build a checklist of the things you’ll need for that camping or hiking trip, but it also has a different templates to get you started. Packing Pro also has features, like keeping track of the weight of your backpack and sharing your list with others in your group.



Spyglass turns your iphone into a bincoular, angular calculator, rangefinder, heads -up military display, military grade compass with maps and much more. You can quickly and easily switch from the tactical GPS receiver to a sun, moon, and star finder, all while saving waypoints on the map for navigation later with a real-time augmented reality display.

Army Survival

When you are on an adventure, disaster might occur and you might be in a life – threatening situation. Knowing how to survive is a must. There is an authoritative guide on survival, and Army Survival for iPhone which provides you with the complete reference guide on basic survival, first aid, evasion, and recovery information.

All of these apps will be helpful to any outdoor enthusiasts, so make sure you check them out along with other recommendations from our articles about survival tips. Better safe than sorry.

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