6 Survival Tips That Will Get You Killed

Every­one is an expert these days. There are a few myths regarding things you should do to survive a situation, The fol­low­ing list gives you 6 Survival Tips that will get you Killed.

6023c224fa56b4dab0984004cab65ae8ntent/uploads/2015/08/shark-diagram.jpg”>shark-diagramPunching a Shark in the Nose

For reasons unknown either be a plane accident, riptide, cruising misfortune, or you just end up stranded in the middle of the ocean, you suddenly are confronted with a Shark. What do you do? Well if you are about to aim for its nose, which is not known to be a weak spot, it’s generally considered a bad idea. The mouth and snout are very close and you won’t have time to move away. You are bound for death if you try punching the nose.

Incase of an EarthQuake Get Under the Doorway

Well, this is what they taught us when we are in school. Learn to run under the doorway when an earthquake occurs. However, not so many were lucky. And instead of the doorway, its best to use a table. There are more chances of getting crushed if you were under a doorway. With modern type structures, as well as cheap imitations, which could be deadly during an earthquake, it would be best to stay away from the doorways during earthquakes.

In Case of Lightning, Lie Down Flat on the Ground

If the weather is going crazy, and you see lightning hitting all over the horizon, make sure you do not just LIE DOWN on the ground. If you are lying down and lightning strikes it will contact your body, and will burn your internal organs causing you cardiac arrest.

Snake Bite, Suck out the PoisonSurvival-Myth-Snake-Bite-300x201

You are hiking in the woods, and you got bitten by a poisonous Snake. What do you do? Well, if you have a friend with you and ask him to suck the poison out, it’s more likely that your friend will die from poison too. So its best to avoid that type of rational move of sucking any poison out of you. It’s best to use a suction cup best to suck out the poison.

When Thirsty Eat Snow

Unless you boil it first, or else you could get sick from anything that might have been there before, like an animal corpse, with deadly bacteria found in the snow. It’s best not to put snow in your mouth.

6023c224fa56b4dab0984004cab65ae8Drink Water from a Cactus

Unless you want to drink highly alkaline, noxious fluid, you might want to leave the Cactus idea alone. The liquid inside the cactus isn’t purified water or natural water. Looks like water, but nowhere close. You could get sick, and you could be vomitting and that will make you dehydrate faster. Only drink from barrel cactus. It’s only one specific type. So make sure you research what a barrel cactus is, and be able to point it out.

7 Tips to Surive a Power Grid Attack

The most vulnerable infrastructure is the Power Electrical Grid. grid-down-city

Here are 7 Tips to Survive a Power Grid Attack that may occur in your location.


Understanding the Situation
Understand that the government will not be able to help during this type of power grid disaster. The simple fact is that emergency management personnel have no contingency plans to deal with this type of event and would be overwhelmed in a matter of hours.

You will need to make sure you have food and water stocked up for a probable power grid attack and moving to an isolated location away from civilization if possible with friends if needed. We know there might be looting going on during this disaster, so you would want to stay away from the uprising that may occur.

Shielding your Electronics from EMPs, CMEs and Solar Flares.
You Can install surge protectors and shielding equipment on your everyday devices. Just make sure you search for the best one that will surely shield your electronics during a power grid attack.

Get to know the neighbors
During any type of emergency it would be good to know and find out who might have any special skills such as , paramedic, nurse, doctor, police etc so they can help on the survival process of possible grid attack.

Get A battery Operated Radio
In times like these, anything that is battery oriented will probably save your life. Used a partial hand crank radio where you can use them even if the batteries run out. But for more modern types of tools, use some kind of battery operated radio. When power shut down, the battery will keep you going and help you contact someone for help.

First Aid Kit

In the case of a power outage, you will most likely be bugging-in and, therefore, have access to your household’s first aid supplies. However, it is still prudent to have a separate store of essential items such as bandages, antibiotic ointments, tools, any over-the-counter medications your immediate family use, and antidiarrheal medication to help your family cope with the change in sanitary and dietary conditions.

Solar Flare Survival Checklist

How to prepare for a solar storm

Emergency-SuppliesIf a Solar Storm was to occur, the pulse will knockout electronics, cell phones, computers, navigation systems, laptops, electronic watches and clocks, to electronic radios, television to hospital equipment, DVRs and so much more, most of which would no longer work. You will have to be prepared

Prepare for a Solar Flare Disaster

What to do?

Make sure you have lots of emergency candles, matches, flashlights and extra batteries on hand at all times.

You will need to store loads of drinkable water plus some filtration method so you can purify any water that needs to be purified for some reason.

nonperishable-foodNon-Perishable Food will be very helpful so make sure you stock up. Eat healthy, natural and real foods and get regular exercise. This just makes good common sense.

Get some activity games while you are going through a solar storm. Forget your iPads, and iPhones, board games, books, and puzzles will keep your mind occupied while you wait out the disaster.

Make sure you have some kind of weapon to protect you by wrong do’ers. Grow your own food in special gardening containers. You will also have to learn how to cook outside.

Learn to grow food in whatever area you have available. Try container gardening, vertical gardening, hydroponics or a square foot garden and Learn to cook outdoors over an open fire.

These are the best things to do to survive when a Solar Storm happened.