Watch Wild Animals To Help You Survive

In a wilderness survival situation, animals can provide you with valuable information about the environment you are in . Animals, are the real experts in survival. They adapt easily to their environment and can give you information on what to do to survive yourself.

When bad weather is on its way, animals will alarm you one way or another. Some even know exactly when bad weather will hit. When you see birds, flying low, then its a good indicator that bad weather is on its way. They are supposed to be flying high in the sky for clear weather. Animals can signal when bad weather is coming

Animals can be a great early warning system, especially when other larger predators might be in the area. Birds are like miniature emergency alert systems and can alert you before disaster strikes. If you have any Blue Jays in your area, just know they will at just about any threat, even movement in the woods. They are the tattletales of the forest. A flushed pheasant, quail, and grouse makes a lot of noise – if you didn’t flush it out, something else must have.

If suddenly everything goes silent, then this isn’t normal. Animals know how to not make any noise, to attract predators.

Animals can help you find sources of food and water

Animals can help you find food, water and shelter so you can survive. Keep a look out to what the native animals are doing. You will probalby find your water and food by doing so.

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