Storing Water During Winter

Water is essential to helping you stay alive. This could be difficult to store water when temps are reaching below freezing. If you freeze your water, you’ll have to use a lot of energy to melt it out and put it in use again. There are somethings you need to worry about from freezing your water in the winter .

Preventing Water Storage from Freezing
You don’t want your Indoor Water to freeze up. You should keep any water that you have in a basement, or an insulated area so it doesn’t get cold enough to freeze it. You can also keep your water unfrozen by installing some type of circulation pump in your storage containers. This will keep the water moving, and making it a lot harder to freeze. IF you water freezes within the container, you will need to take some precautions to save the container from getting damaged. Water will expand 8-9% when frozen. Fill your water containers and fill them about 90% full , to allow some room for expansion. If you use thicker and heavier plastics and can withtand the expansion, then use that.

Outdoor Water Storage
If you are keeping your water out in a storage location because you can’t keep it inside, then you need to get yourself an underground tank. What you need to do is dig yourself a whole to fill a water tanker to bury it. Dig 4 feet down so you can pass the frost level. When buried it will help prevent your water from freezing.

If you are storing your water above ground, then make sure you get a steel tank. Having a steel tank will help you absorb the heat from the sun and will help you keep your water warm to stay unfrozen all throughout the night.

Another above ground option is to store your water in a greenhouse. When building a greenhouse, you must use 2 layers of plastic to effectively trap the heat inside and prevent the cold from getting in. If well built, a greenhouse should be able to keep your water from thawing when it gets unbearably cold in the winter.

Water is still essential to survival. These tips can help you prevent your water storage from freezing and ensure that it is ready to use when you need it.
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