5 Way To Fish

1. Base Fishing

Goal is to find the fish that live on the bottom floor of the stream, lake, ocean or sea. You are going to find Snappers, Groupors or Seam Breams. You can use a pole or a hand line to Bottom Fish.

2. Trolling

Trolling is about fishing bigger fish. Fish like Marlins, Swordfish, and tuna, are the types you will find on the top of the water. Get your fishing boat to move continious while you sit on the back of the fishing boat and fish them out .

3. Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is for fishing on lakes. Use a fly lure. You need a special Rod and Reel and you catch Troud and Salmon for fly fishing.

4. Jigging is uses a tool called a jigg. Fisherman throw this jigg to fall to the bottom of the water, and by jigging it, while you pull it back up you catch various fish like Yellow Fin Tunas, Groupers or Yellow Tails.

5. Spinning is the most popular all around. You can fish from anywhere, shore or boat. And all you need to do is, spin, reel and over again.