5 Top Things You Need in an Emergency

Due to many different type of disasters that might happen, it would be wise to be ready for any type of emergency situation by collecting and prepping. Most people overlook some of the most critical items you need to have with you.

Cleaning and Sanitation

For health reasons, you should have the ability to stay clean and sanitized. Make sure you have with you bleach, and other cleaning supplies so you can keep yourself and your area clean.

Cold weather items

Having extra blankets and clothes is really important to keeping your self safe. If you are exposed to high colds the winter could be a deadly one for you.

Guns and Weapons

Every prepper needs to have a gun or weapon available so they can defend what they worked so hard in building.

Water Supply

It is a must to have around 5 years of drinking water available at any time. Have purified systems in place as well for the time you will have to use other water than the one you saved around.

Light sources

Having Electricity is a luxury. If the power goes out for any amount of time or reason, then alternative sources of light need to be available for use. Matches, lighter fluid, candles and batteries are the backbone for a good kit. Alternative energy tech has gotten more advanced too, so items like solar powered chargers can be added as well for common battery sizes.

These are just five of many key things to have available if disaster strikes. Focus on making sure there is a versatile set of supplies for survival. There are different types and degrees of devastation, and it is best to be ready for anything. Having enough of a variety could be what separates life and death following a terrible event.

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