The Significance Of Wilderness Survival Skills

You will explore the beauty of nature when you go into the Wild . Before going on to this adventure you must secure yourself a wilderness survival gear. Even pilots and forest trekkers are cautious about their safety. So you must be on the lookout of your good as you discover Mother Nature’s greatness.

Wilderness survival skills will keep your cool. It’s not anything that you must only have when emergencies take place. It is a necessity that you take along with you. Your survival kit comprises sustaining gear, paraphernalia and stuff that are all designed to stay you out of danger. These are all secured in a single bag that comes in handy.

To survive your day or days out in the wilderness, you require the basics such as water, shelter, food, fire and first aid kit. But wilderness survival gear includes beyond these. You need a tent, sleeping bag, stove, backpack, etc. You will also require a map, compass or GPS for navigation purposes. Without these, you will lose track of your destination. Or worse, you can end up running around the bush without hitting your targets.

With wilderness survival gear, you will have higher chances or sustaining life when stranded or stuck in place where there isn’t any food, shelter or water. You can purchase some pre-packaged survival kits online if you a complete set of quality emergency tools, medical first aid kits, emergency supplies and outdoor devices that may allow you to survive the days in backwoods.

To mountain trekkers and foresters, the things a wilderness survival gear would include are whistle, signal mirror, sparker light, fire starter, water and food. Either a tent or emergency blanket will serve as your wilderness shelter in case there is nothing out there to sleep the night off. Trekking the boondocks can be fun but risky, so always make sure you have your survival kit with you.

Wilderness survival gears are supposed to be lightweight, handy and not bulky so that it’s convenient to be tagging the supplies along with you. Choosing the appropriate gear is significant to secure yourself. But the most vital gear there is to prepare is your inner strength and prepared mindset aside from knowledge in first aid and wilderness skills.

In choosing your wilderness survival gear, you must choose according to your type and taste of wilderness adventure. Are you just up for plain camping? Or are you going into the wild to do some hunting and logging? Custom-fit your gears and equipment based on your itinerary. Test your gadgets and equipment if they function well before bringing them with you. Make sure you have the know-how to manipulate them.

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Disaster Preparedness Strategy

Survive In a Desert

In this article, we will share emergency survival tips and information on what you need to know about how to survive in a desert.

It is always advisable for you to be prepared beforehand so that you can face the situation with a cool head. Your preparation will make sure that you can make a safe return from a situation that could turn fatal. Here are some important, helpful tips to help you survive in the desert.


Getting water in the desert is indeed a crucial factor that decides the length of your survival. You might need to use some unique methods to get water. You can use a solar still method. Those who are acquainted with the ways of the desert use this technique to produce water.

The procedure is quite simple. If you have to produce water in a harsh and dry setting, first you will need condensation bags or plastic bags. You will be required to dig into the soil and create a hole. Then you have to cover the hole with plastic. The heat of the sun will make water evaporate from the soil. This way you will find water in condensed form inside the plastic.

You can also look for water at the low-lying areas and at dry streambed. The method of using a transpiration bag will be useful too.


Creating a proper shelter is essential to save you from the hazards of the desert. You can create a sandwich shelter or a lean to type shelter. These kinds of shelters are easy to build. You can make the shelters with the help of ponchos, casualty blankets, space blankets and cords. Therefore, you need to keep them in your survival kit. However, make it a point to build the shelter after the sun sets. This way you will be able to preserve water in your body.

Survival Kit

As it comes to the survival kit, you need to keep in mind that it has to house equipments and medicines that will come handy to you. Here is the detail of what it should contain:

First aid kit

A first aid kit is indispensable whenever you make a visit to the desert and so you should always carry it with you. The first aid kit will save you from sprains, burns, bone fractures, fungi, hypothermia, hyperthermia and so on.


With navigational techniques, you can make your way to safety. Therefore, you need to learn and grab navigational tools and skills minutely before you set out on your journey through the desert. For example, the use of GPS receiver, topographic maps, trail maps, compass, dead reckoning system, celestial navigation techniques and so on.

Keep these essential emergency survival tips in mind. Never panic. Follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll be able to survive in a desert.

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How to Survive In the Cold

Survival knowledge skills important to ensure the means to survive through a wide range of disastrous and possibly fatal situations successfully. Knowing how to survive in the cold is crucial depending if you are equipped with the best survival tools which will guarantee 100% safety regardless of how serious or deadly the situation is.

The emergency survival tips below will help you overcome problems related to natural disasters, war, harsh weather conditions and so on.

It is possible to have an emergency during hiking, winter picnicking or other leisure activities in cold environments. You need to be prepared with basic survivor skills to fight off the situation bravely. Here are some basic survivor tips to help you emerge a winner each time you face an emergency during a cold weather excursion.

When you go out enjoying a short vacation or picnic with your family, you need to stay prepared and equipped with the promise to protect you and your family. Here are some tips to follow:


It would be smart to keep extra clothing with you at all times. T-shirts, warm socks and sweatshirts in your backpack. This will help you keep warm in case of an emergency. In these you should include thermals too. These are crucial to save you from the harsh effects of cold weather.

Prepare an emergency kit

When going out in cold weather, you need to prepare an emergency kit. Make sure you educate your companions how to use these. The emergency kit must contain the following items:

Flashlights and batteries



Loads of matches wrapped in plastic bag

Emergency Radio

Food, Granola bars

Canned nuts, meats, fruits

Dry cereals

Chocolate bars


Driving Tips

Strictly avoid driving in extreme cold weather. Monitor where you are. Let your family member, friend and neighbors know where you are going.

Car Cover

The car cover on a side must be a very bright color. If it is possible, cover it with neon color. You can also draw an ‘x’ using a waterproof vinyl tape.

Sand Bags

You should keep about two sand bags on each trunk side. Place these near the wells of car wheel. This facilitates additional traction while you drive. You can also use the sand around the tires in case you are stuck.

Mini First Aid kit

You need to carry a well-equipped and arranged mini first aid and tool kit that consists of a jack that functions as a spare tire in working condition. In addition, you must stock jumper cables in the kit.

Do Not Exit

In the case you are deserted in your car, don’t get out. You should check for a signal on your mobile phone. If you have a phone signal, call 911.

You can easily become stranded in cold weather. So it is important to equip yourself with adequate survival skills and knowledge about how to survive in a cold environment. This will help you fight off an emergency situation.